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Business Development

Assertio’s strategic goals involve in-licensing and acquiring assets to build on our current areas and expand into other specialty areas. In collaborating with our partners, we aim to benefit both parties while building a portfolio that addresses the needs of patients, physicians and payers alike.

Assertio is primarily interested in late-stage and approved medications across all therapeutic areas. Our goal is to identify the deal structure that optimizes return and allows both parties to meet their respective needs. Opportunities include:

  • Targeted acquisitions
  • In-licensing partnerships
  • Commercialization partnerships
  • Other investments and partnerships


Assertio is experienced in forming and managing a variety of innovative partnerships and deal structures. These include:

  • Applied Pharma Research
    Licensed the drug delivery technology and intellectual property to Cambia (diclofenac potassium for oral solution) from APR and collaborated to formulate a new life cycle extension.
  • EMS
    Established agreement to commercialize ZORVOLEX (diclofenac capsules in the Solumatrix technology) for the treatment of mild to moderate acute pain or osteoarthiritis pain in Brazil.
  • Ironwood
    IW-3718, a novel, gastric retentive formulation of colesevelam, a bile acid sequestrant, is being developed by Ironwood using the proprietary Acuform® drug delivery formulation technology licensed from Assertio. The product is designed to deliver the bile acid sequestrant to the stomach over an extended period where it is positioned to intercept bile before it reaches the esophagus.
  • NES Therapeutics
    In a partnership that fills a significant unmet need, Assertio provided a capital infusion in return for an equity stake in NES to fund the development of a late stage product for a rare life-threatening pediatric infection without an approved treatment.