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A patented, polymer-based technology designed to optimize drug delivery

Learn how Acuform® technology works

Targeted, controlled delivery to the upper GI tract

With Acuform technology, unique swelling polymers allow tablets to be retained in the stomach—the preferential absorption site for many oral drugs—for ~8–10 hours vs the ~3 hours seen with immediate-release and some extended-release formulations.

During this time, active ingredient(s) are steadily delivered at the desired rate and time.

This gradual, extended release allows for more drug absorption in the upper GI tract, offering the potential for greater efficacy and increased tolerability, with the convenience of once- or twice-daily dosing.

Tablets utilizing Acuform technology can be tailored to deliver new drug combinations of varying properties, either simultaneously or sequentially, for a wide array of product possibilities. In particular, Acuform technology may prove to be an effective delivery solution for compounds:

  • Absorbed in the upper GI region
  • Insoluble in water
  • Available through active transport mechanisms
  • Irritating to the mucosa of the small intestines
  • Imbalancing, irritating, or unsafe in the lower GI region
  • More effective when plasma levels have less fluctuation

Acuform technology incorporates standard, inexpensive pharmaceutical excipients on the FDA’s inactive ingredients list. The manufacturing process utilizes standard high-speed tableting equipment. Importantly, improvements made possible with Acuform technology—including reduced dosing requirements, improved efficacy and decreased toxicity—hold the potential to provide patented NCE-like differentiation to already-approved therapeutics. These factors make Acuform technology a potentially attractive option for companies interested in developing improved formulations of off-patent drugs.